F#'s Pipe-Forward Operator in Swift

Note: At WWDC 2015, Apple announced Swift 2, which includes changes and a new feature called "protocol extensions" that render much of the code below either irrelevant or incorrect. This article applies to Swift 1.x.

Apple's new Swift programming language isn't really a functional programming language. However, it does support generic types and functional-programming patterns, so many FP aficionados are implementing their favorite functional idioms and libraries from other programming languages in Swift.

I've been a functional-programming enthusiast for a couple of decades, and I'm playing with this myself. A feature I like in the F# programming language is its pipe-forward operator, |>, which helps to write readable functional code. This article explains what that operator is, why you would want to use it, and how to do it in Swift.

Disclaimer: The code in this article is based upon the versions of the Swift language in Xcode 6.3. Future changes to Swift syntax or its standard library may render all of this incorrect or obsolete.

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