Transferring Ringtones from iTunes to an HTC One

I had some ringtones purchased from iTunes that I wanted to put onto my new HTC One. Googling for instructions found many hits, but many of those pages were a few years old, so the instructions didn't work anymore, or they didn't work with the HTC One, or were six-minute-long YouTube videos. So, I'm writing up some simple instructions that worked on my HTC One. (They will probably work with other Android phones, but I'm not promising anything.)

First, on your computer with iTunes, find the ringtones you want to transfer. These will be files with a .m4r extension. On my Mac, they were in the directory /Users/kdj/Music/iTunes/iTunes Music/Tones.

Next, you need some way to get the files onto your device's /sdcard/Ringtones directory. If you have a Windows computer, I think you can just plug the phone into the computer and it will be mounted as a USB drive, so you can just drag and drop the files. If you have a Mac, you can either use the Android File Transfer application, or use something like Dropbox.

Finally, you need to change the filename extensions of the files in /sdcard/Ringtones from .m4r to .m4a.

Then, on the device you can go to Settings > Sound > Ringtone, and you should see your ringtones in the list.

The iTunes UI Sucks

I like most of Apple's products, but iTunes is a very dark corner of the Mac universe.

For example, here is what you have to do to download updates to your iPhone apps:

  1. Click the Applications link in the upper-left corner of the navigation pane.
  2. Move the mouse over to the lower-right corner and click the tiny, tiny Check for updates button.
  3. Move the mouse to the upper-right corner and click the Download All Free Updates button.

Three steps, requiring moving the mouse pointer all the way across the screen between each. There is no automatic-update feature.

There is probably some way to write an AppleScript to automate this, but AppleScript sucks too.

Do a web search for "iTunes sucks", and you'll find a lot more examples.

To paraphrase Bjarne Stroustrup: There is software everyone complains about, and software nobody uses. One could chalk up the iTunes hate to the simple fact that so many people are forced to use it whether they like it or not. But iTunes really does suck. I wish Apple would do a complete re-design of its UI, and make it act like an Apple product.

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