Stack Overflow Moderator Voting Now Open

If you are a Stack Overflow user, you should be aware that voting is open for a new moderator.

I personally support Paul Tomblin, who is an all-around cool guy, but I don't think any of the candidates would be a wrong choice.

Server Fault Private Beta Begins

Server Fault is a new Q&A website for system administrators and IT professionals, brought to us by the folks who brought us Stack Overflow.

It just started its private beta, which is open to any Stack Overflow user with a reputation score of 100 or higher, or anyone with an OpenID who submits a request. See the Stack Overflow blog entry for details.

I'm in the process of setting up an Ubuntu web server on a Xen VPS, so I expect to have a lot of questions to post on Server Fault. It arrived at the perfect time.

Stack Overflow

There is a new web site for software developers to ask questions and get answers: Stack Overflow.

I've been one of the site's beta testers for the past month, and I've been impressed with the quality of the information available on the site. Of course, there are plenty of a-holes there, but I think it will become one of the top go-to sites for developers.

What's cool about Stack Overflow:

  • It's free (unlike some other programmer-question-and-answer sites).
  • Simple question-and-answer format keeps things focused.
  • Voting lets the good information rise to the top, and the spam disappear.
  • Editing allows outdated information to be corrected.
  • Reputation system prevents newbies from screwing things up too much.

It is now open to the public. Please read the FAQ before participating, and please don't screw it up.

Also take a look at Joel Spolsky's explanation of how it should work, and Jeff Atwood's blog entry.

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