August 2012

Apple Product Names

Correct: iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Mac, MacBook, Apple

Incorrect: IPOD, Iphone, I-Phone, IFone, i-PAD, EyePad, Ipadd, I-Toons, MAC, MAC Book, McIntosh, APPLE, AAPL

(Don't be an idiot. This isn't complicated.)

Re-attaching an iMac Stand After VESA Mount Use

We recently purchased a new iMac to replace a old iMac. The old iMac was attached to a wall mount using Apple's VESA Mount Adapter, so I had to remove the old iMac from that adapter and attach the new iMac to it. That went fine, but then I had problems re-connecting the original stand to the old iMac. What follows is what I learned, and I hope it helps others who have the same problem.

Downloading an Image from Gravatar Using the Command Line

I am signed up for the alpha, and wanted to upload my avatar picture. Unfortunately, I can't find my avatar picture anywhere on my computer.

Gravatar is a free service that allows you to save your avatar (picture) for use by multiple websites. Gravatar has a copy of the avatar I wanted, so I hoped I could just download it via the same user interface you use to upload images. It turns out that you can't do that: the user interface lets you upload pictures, but does not provide a download option. So I had to figure out how to retrieve my image the way that a Gravatar web client would.

According to the Gravatar documentation, one can get a image for a user by doing an HTTP GET with a URL of this form:

where HASH is the MD5 hash of the user's email address. You can calculate this using the md5 command-line utility.

So, here is the complete command line that will calculate my MD5 hash and the retrieve the image using the curl utility: