October 2012

Havenjark Color Theme for Xcode 4

I've been experimenting with low-contrast color themes in my source-code editors. For a while, I thought I had settled on Zenburn. However, I recently ran across Havenjark in the Eclipse Color Themes plugin, and I decided it is perfection.

The only problem was that, while I could find Havenjark theme files for Eclipse and Textmate/Sublime Text 2, I could not find one for Xcode. So I converted the Eclipse color theme to Xcode 4's color theme format by hand.

If you'd like to try Havenjark in Xcode 4 yourself, download Havenjark.dvtcolortheme and copy it to your ~/Library/Developer/Xcode/UserData/FontAndColorThemes/ directory. Then, in Xcode, go to Preferences -> Fonts & Colors and select it.

My theme uses the Bitstream Vera Sans Mono font, which you can download for free from various locations on the Internet, or you can just change the font to something of your liking.

I'm not going to bother converting this to Visual Studio's color-theme format. There is no point in trying to make Windows development look nice.


I got fed up with the complexities of the various iPhone flashlight apps I've tried, so I whipped up my own dead-simple flashlight app.

It has three buttons that control the LED on the back of the phone:

  • On
  • Off
  • Flash (once per second)

That's it.

My hope is that keeping it as simple as possible means it will load quickly and stay resident in memory, so I can have light instantly whenever I want it. This is a lot more important to me than all the controls and "features" provided by other flashlight apps.

You may want to build your own dead-simple flashlight app, or maybe you want to see some code that controls the LED light. The source code is on GitHub: https://github.com/kristopherjohnson/KJFlashlight