Another year behind me. Not a bad year.

I picked up a new client this year, and reduced my time spent working with the client I've had for the past couple of years. The new client provides opportunities for more interesting work. I've been able to do more mobile and web development, and will be doing some embedded-systems development soon. I may be able to put Windows/.NET development behind me for a while. I was able to give myself a nice bump in my hourly rate.

Family and dogs are doing fine. There is nothing very interesting to report, but I'm happy.

We're planning to visit relatives in North Dakota this summer. I haven't been back there for a while (over ten years, I think), so it will be nice to see everybody.

I think I'm healthier than I was a year ago. I started running in August, and ran a 10K on New Year's Day. I have started training to run a half-marathon at the end of March. I've lost a few pounds and a few waistline inches. If I can lose 20 pounds this year, I'll be in good shape.

Goals for the coming year:

  • Write in my journal every day.
  • Run a half marathon, and the Peachtree Road Race 10K. (Maybe: run Atlanta Marathon this fall.)
  • Practice guitar at least six days per week. My wife bought me a nice Fender Telecaster for Christmas/birthday, which has been a good motivator.
  • Learn to play keyboard. My brother bought me a keyboard for Christmas/birthday, so I have no excuses not to learn to play.
  • Look at this list of goals once in a while.
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