Automator Service: Scale Images by 75%

Here is yet another Snow Leopard Automator service: This one takes an image file and scales it down to 75% of its original size. This is great for screenshots, as all the text is still readable at that size, but you can put it in a web page or document without filling the screen.

How to Use It

  1. Select one or more image files in the Finder.
  2. From the Services menu, choose Scale Images by 75%
  3. Look for the scaled images on the desktop.

For example, to create the Automator screenshot you see at the bottom of this article, I used Shift-Command-4 to select an area of the screen. The screenshot image file was put on my desktop. Then I right-clicked the image file and chose Scale Images by 75%, which created a new image file next to the original.

How to Create It

In Automator, create a new Service that receives selected image files in Finder.

Add these actions:

  1. Copy Finder Items (Note: you can skip this if you would rather replace the original image file.)
  2. Scale Images with By Percentage set to 75.

Save the service as "Scale Images by 75%".


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