I committed several developer sins today. (Actually, I only committed a couple today; the others were committed in the past but came to light today.)

First, I assumed that the bug was in the other guy's code. I was sure there could be nothing wrong in my simple straightforward object-oriented code, so it must have been in his quagmire of multi-threaded straight ANSI C. So I spent most of my time trying to read his code instead of examining my own more carefully. I cursed him for not providing documentation or unit tests.

Second, I put off as long as possible the arduous task of reading through the voluminous logging information his code generated. After all, if he is a bad programmer it stands to reason that his log will hold only useless information. When I finally did read through the log, it became clear that the code I had copied-and-pasted from another program was doing bad things.

Yes, that was the original sin: I copied-and-pasted code from another program without reviewing it sufficiently. I know it's wrong. I scream at people when I see them do this. But it was the easiest thing to do at the time.

And when i discovered the copied-and-pasted bug, my first instinct was to curse the name of the writer of that code I had copied. But of course, he does not deserve my ire. The real culprit is my boss, who suggested that copying and pasting was the fastest way to get the feature implemented! No, that isn't right either. I committed the act; it is my responsibility.

I keep thinking I am getting better at this stuff. I think I have better habits than others. I only break my own rules when I think it really won't hurt anything.

I am ashamed. I ask forgiveness.

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