Mac OS X provides a pretty nice data-binding technology for developers, called Cocoa bindings. Unfortunately, the Cocoa bindings mechanism is not available to iOS developers, so iOS developers have to spend a lot of time writing code to keep user-interface elements and data in sync.

However, while Cocoa Bindings is not available on iOS, the underlying key-value coding (KVC) and key-value observing (KVO) mechanisms are, so it is straightforward to implement your own poor man's data-binding mechanism and eliminate some of the drudgery.

I have done just that. My KJSimpleBinding library is available on GitHub. I hope it is useful to someone, and I hope I have time to make it less simple.

I'm not the only one to try this. Here are a few similar projects I found on GitHub:

  • http://github.com/dewind/KeyPathBindings
  • http://github.com/jonsterling/Observe
  • http://github.com/mruegenberg/objc-simple-bindings
  • http://github.com/zeasy/EasyBinding
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