More of the Same

In Citizen Kane, there is a scene where Kane's newspaper staff is deciding what headline to run on election day after Kane's run for the governorship. Had Kane won, the headline would have been "KANE WINS!". However, he didn't win, so the headline they use is "FRAUD AT POLLS!".

I spent most of my time watching PBS's NewsHour coverage of the election returns, but I jumped around to the other networks. When Ohio was called for Bush by NBC, apparently sewing things up for Bush, the commentators started admitting that they were surprised. Early exit polls had shown a likely Kerry win. Most of the journalists thought it they'd be projecting a Kerry win early in the evening. They told us none of this until after Bush had apparently won. I suppose it's a good thing that they didn't report on the what they thought the outcome would be while it was going on, but it makes me wonder what else journalists know that they won't tell us.

C-SPAN's election map is pretty cool. I heard that on, one can find the data on election returns for each precinct/county. I'm not sure how "useful" any of this data is, but political information junkies must be thrilled with what they can get on the Internet these days.

My favorite election news story of the day was this one.

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