Not Quite NaNoWriMo


I've often dreamed of participating in NaNoWriMo, the National Novel Writing Month, in which people pledge to write a novel during the month of November. Unfortunately, I'm not really a novel-writing guy. I could maybe write a short story or two, but I'm just not enough of a writer to generate 2,000 words of fiction per day.

So, instead of doing that, I'm going to commit to do these things during November:

  1. Publish a blog article every day.
  2. Get a new iPhone application into the App Store.

This article does not count as a daily blog entry, as it is really more of a meta-entry. The real blog entries need to be programming-related or computer-related.

This is why you'll be seeing a lot of blog entries from me this month. Please feel free to call me bad names if I skip a day.

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