Screwed by FileMerge

While adding support for stored preferences to Rouser, I realized I needed to add another outlet to my controller class so that it could restore the setting of the on/off radio buttons. So I went into Interface Builder, added the outlet, and told it to regenerate the class files. When prompted, I clicked the "Merge" button to indicate that I wanted the new code merged into the existing files, instead of overwriting the files.

The FileMerge application started, and the windows opened. As I've done before, I just looked for "0 conflicts" and then did a Save of the files. (I ignore all the shaded curvy lines and arrows on the FileMerge display, because I don't understand what they mean.)

BZZZT! It didn't merge. It just overwrote my class files with a bunch of empty declarations. Intuitive, forgiving interface, hah!

I commit to CVS pretty often, so this wasn't a disaster. I suppose I really ought to read the docs for FileMerge one of these days. But why doesn't this do the right thing by default? You know, like a Macintosh would.

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