Sleepless-Night Wiki Moved to Quartus

A few years ago, I created the Sleepless-Night Wiki as a forum where Quartus Forth users could exchange information and code. I considered it to be pretty successful, as it attracted several talented people who contributed code, tips, and advice. It also attracted some people interested in related matters, such as general Forth topics and Palm OS issues. Sleepless-Night was based on the TWiki software.

Earlier this year, the wiki went down when my evil hosting provider moved all my files to a new differently-configured server. It stayed down for several months, as I couldn't get FTP to work and every attempt to use the "web control panel" provided by the hosting company made me give up in frustration.

Getting the Mac prompted me to approach the problem again. This gave me a chance to try out different Mac web browsers, FTP clients, and Internet utilities. I got the wiki mostly working again, although I didn't get around to re-implementing the authentication mechanism.

As most of the wiki content is related to Quartus Forth, and I don't do anything with that tool anymore, I've transferred all the wiki content over to Neal Bridges at Quartus. The new Quartus Wiki can be accessed at Everyone's old passwords should still work.

The wiki contains a lot of info on personal projects of mine. I'll probably set up a Sleepless-Night Wiki Mark II as a repository for those things. UseModWiki is the wiki software I like now; I used it to set up the Remoting.Corba Wiki and a few other private wikis. TWiki has a lot of features, but it was always a little too complicated for users to figure out.

Unfortunately, there are bots out there that add wiki-spam to UseMod wikis, so I'll probably have to make my wiki read-only for everyone but myself.

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