Stack Overflow Careers

Finding a good job, or finding good employees, has always sucked. The guys at Stack Overflow are trying to make it suck a little less with their new service: Stack Overflow Careers.

What differentiates Stack Overflow Careers from all the other job-board web sites is that candidates' CV's are linked to their Stack Overflow accounts, so an employer can get a feel for how smart a person is by checking their SO reputation and reading their questions and answers. They are also trying to avoid a lot of the annoyances that plague other job-search sites. It is also hoped that the association with Stack Overflow will attract the best candidates and employers.

I've set up my CV: The process was pretty easy.

It costs $29 to enter your CV into the employee-search database, and employers have to pay a pretty steep price to search it. I think that's a good thing; it keeps things serious. (Note: You can create a public CV for free, but it won't show up in employer's searches.)

I'm not actively looking for a job, but if anyone wants to pay me huge gobs of money to play with cool stuf, I'm definitely available.

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