1. Australian Toilets

    A surprising large number of people have asked me whether the toilets really do flush in the opposite direction in the Southern Hemisphere, due to the Coriolis Effect. Well, the toilets I've seen in Australia don't swirl at all; there is a short but powerful swoosh of water that lasts …

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  2. Expatriate

    I've never been much of a traveler or a tourist. I don't get the thrill that others do from sightseeing or being away from home. But having said that, I've gotta say I'm a little disappointed with how not-foreign Adelaide, Australia is. I was hoping for a little adventure here …

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  3. Flying to Australia

    Flying to Australia from the US is not a pleasant experience. It takes a long time. For me, it was a five-hour flight from Atlanta to San Francisco, then a fourteen-hour flight from San Francisco to Auckland, New Zealand, then another five-hour flight from Auckland to Adelaide, South Australia. Including …

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  4. Night Shift

    The team I'm working with is involved in installing a new system in South Australia. A few people are on site in Adelaide, but most of us are still back here in Georgia, USA.

    South Australia is thirteen-and-a-half hours ahead of US Eastern time. This has made it difficult to …

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