Welcome to My Blog

My name is Kris Johnson. For eleven years, I have been a computer programmer. For the first few years, I enjoyed it. Now, I've grown tired of it, but I don't have any other marketable skills and I don't want to move into management. So, I do what I can to improve my programming skills in the hope that I can work less hard. I also like to exchange ideas with others about how to make the programmer's life easier.

Writing is a great outlet for me. It helps me focus my thinking, and gives me a way to vent my frustrations. I also like to think that others benefit from reading what I write (although I've seen no evidence of that). For a while, I interacted with the community at the C2 wiki (a.k.a., "Ward's Wiki"). I learned quite a bit there. But that community has changed, and I don't think my writings will fit there anymore, so from now on I'll write here.

To avoid trouble, I'm going to refrain from writing about my current job. If I do write about my job, it will be disguised so much that nobody will know. However, most if not all of what I write will be about what I've learned about software development, and about what I still hope to learn.

I may also occasionally post an "off-topic" item such as a movie or book review, or just some odd thought I had while eating breakfast. But don't worry; I don't have that many thoughts.

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