1. Self-Reflection

    I spend a lot of time in front of reflective surfaces (computer monitors and my TV), and so I occasionally catch a glimpse of myself when I don't mean to look at myself. Before I realize who I am looking at, my first impression is often that the guy looks …

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  2. My Failed Contracting Career

    After my last permanent position, I took a few months off from work, and then tried to start a career as an independent consultant/contractor. After many years of hearing about the freedom enjoyed by consultants, and the exhorbitant fees they charged, I wanted to get my piece of the …

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  3. Welcome to My Blog

    My name is Kris Johnson. For eleven years, I have been a computer programmer. For the first few years, I enjoyed it. Now, I've grown tired of it, but I don't have any other marketable skills and I don't want to move into management. So, I do what I can …

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