Living in Squalor

A few weeks ago, after watching the film Supersize Me!, I stopped eating fast food. I was preparing my own meals, using fresh ingredients. I felt better, lost some excess weight, and had more energy. Unfortunately, with the long hours and stress at work recently, I've returned to the old two-value-meals-a-day diet. I don't have time to shop or cook, and that fast food tastes really, really good.

This means I now bring home a couple of fast-food bags per day, along with all the excess packaging. My trash can at home is pretty small, so I developed the habit of stacking the fast food bags neatly next to it. Every few days (when I remember) I put all the trash in a bag and haul it out to the dumpster.

It seemed like typical bachelor behavior. But this morning, while going into the kitchen to make coffee (another habit I thought I'd broken), it hit me: I've got garbage piled up in my home!


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