1. Everything on the Internet Is Not Directed at You

    The Internet has made it easy for anyone to say whatever they want to say to a worldwide audience. This is great. Some people have decided that if they don't like something that somebody else has posted, it is their right and obligation to insult and attack those people. That's …

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  2. Android SDK Tools 22.0.1 Considered Harmful

    After finishing up some work on an iOS app today, it was time to go make equivalent changes to the Android port of that app. "I'll just update my Android SDK before I get to work," I said (to myself). I opened the Android SDK Manager and let it update …

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  3. Death, Numbers, and Risk

    Here are some numbers that many people don't know, or don't want to think about:

    There are approximately 6.9 billion people in the world. On average,

    • about 55 million people die each year,
    • about 1.05 million people die each week,
    • about 151,000 people die each day,
    • about …

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  4. Home Depot Two-Year Replacement Plan Doesn't

    When I bought a Yard Machines lawn mower from Home Depot last year, I paid for a 2-year repair/replacement plan. I'm pretty sure the plan was presented to me with language like "If it stops working, you just bring it back and we'll replace it." I've had some bad …

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  5. Amazon Marketplace 5-Star Rating Extortion

    I recently bought my wife a coat from an Amazon Marketplace seller. We are happy with the coat, but I was troubled when I saw this notice bundled with it:

    Leave a 5-Star, Positive Review ~ Receive a Free One Year Warranty!*

    Dear Valued Customer,

    If you are COMPLETELY SATISFIED with …

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  6. "Takers"

    There is one hot-button issue that will always draw me into a rant: the assertion that anyone who draws a paycheck from the government is a "taker" rather than a "maker".

    My wife is a science teacher in a public school. She worked her way through college and obtained a …

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  7. Apple Product Names

    Correct: iPod, iPhone, iPad, iTunes, Mac, MacBook, Apple

    Incorrect: IPOD, Iphone, I-Phone, IFone, i-PAD, EyePad, Ipadd, I-Toons, MAC, MAC Book, McIntosh, APPLE, AAPL

    (Don't be an idiot. This isn't complicated.)

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