Kris, the production system isn't working since we installed the newest release. Can you tell us how to fix it?

Can you send me the log files?

No. They are too big.

Will you let me access the system myself to see what's going wrong?

No. Developers can't touch the production system.

OK, can I access the test system to see if it exhibits the same behavior as the production system?

No. The test system has been dismantled.

Did you test the new release before putting it into production?

No. There wasn't time.

Did you install the server-side updates?

No. The IT manager won't allow installation of any server updates.

Other than installing the new version, did you keep everything else the same?

No, we changed a few other things too. Can't remember exactly what.

Are you sure this "new" problem never occurred with the previous release?

No. Maybe.

Can you roll back to the previous release?

No. We blew away the old data after converting it to the new format.

Well, Kris, can you tell us how to fix it?

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