Science, Evolution, and Creationism

The National Academy of Sciences has issued a report that documents the methods of science and the overwhelming evidence in support of the theory of evolution. It also presents the arguments against the teaching of creationism and Intelligent Design in public-school science classes. However, it also clearly outlines the reasons that a belief in evolution is not incompatible with a belief in God or with other religious beliefs.

It is available for download (PDF) from

I personally find it repugnant that some religious fundamentalists are trying to erode this country's science-education programs. They have convinced a large number of people that there is a large body of scientific evidence against evolution and that there is a debate in the scientific community about its validity. They use fallacious arguments to present Intelligent Design as a logical "scientifically based" alternative. They say that "good Christians" need to support inclusion of these teachings in our kids' science classes. They want us to embrace ignorance.

Those people are dishonest and evil. The information in this book can help us fight them.

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