1. Two Weeks In

    10:42  up 8 days, 21:46, 3 users, load averages: 1.56 1.41 1.14

    The iMac has been pretty stable, after the first few days of instability. I haven't had many application crashes (only OmniWeb is prone to die) and haven't needed to reboot.

    While the iMac …

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  2. iMac Memory Upgrade

    I added 1 GB of RAM to my iMac, bringing the total up to 1.5 GB. It is much more responsive now. Applications launch faster; the Dock pops out instantly when I put the mouse in the right place; windows resize without all the jerking around; Exposé is smoother …

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  3. The One-Button Mouse and Where to Put My Fingers

    The Mac still ships with a one-button mouse. This made sense to me back in the System-6-and-earlier days. Other operating systems had confusing and inconsistent uses for their multiple mouse buttons, and Apple's solution seemed to be the simple and elegant one. Apple's one-button mouse was easier to use, and …

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  4. AirPort Card Freak-Out

    Last night, for no apparent reason, I suddenly lost the WiFi connection on the iMac. I was unable to access the Internet or the other machines on my home network. Every attempt to reconnect to the network gave me an error message. My other laptop with WiFi was working fine …

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  5. iMac First Impressions

    My iMac arrived a few days ago. I took it out of the box, put batteries into the Bluetooth keyboard and mouse, plugged the power cable in, and turned it on. I was pleased to hear the good old Mac startup sound, although it was startlingly loud.

    Going through the …

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  6. I Bought an iMac

    I was an early Macintosh user. I bought my first Mac in college (actually, my parents bought it), around 1987. It was a Mac SE, with 1MB of RAM and a 20 MB hard drive. A few years later, I got a IIsi, and a few years after that, I …

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