1. Setting Up a New Mac, My Way

    Over the past couple of weeks, I've set up a few Mac OS X machines to do development of iOS and Android apps. Doing this used to be an all-day chore, but things like app stores, iCloud, and Dropbox have streamlined the process a lot.

    (I could streamline the process …

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  2. Mac Software for Software Developers

    A fellow developer who is getting his first Mac asked me what software he should get. Here is a list of Mac software that I, as a software developer, find useful.

    First, let's look at what apps come in the box, at no extra charge:

    • Basic contacts, calendar, and email …

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  3. Building Emacs from Source for Mac OS X

    There are a few binary Emacs packages for OS X floating around out there, but I always build it myself from the sources. This usually results in an Emacs that works the way I expect, rather than the way some "helpful" distributor thinks it ought to work.

    I'll assume you …

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  4. New 15-inch MacBook Pro

    A few days ago, I bought a 15-inch MacBook Pro. For those of you keeping score, that brings the number of Macintoshes in our household to five. We also have two iPhones and several iPods. I wish the local Apple Store had some sort of customer loyalty program.

    I bought …

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  5. She Switched!

    When I first started dating my fiancee, she made fun of my Macs. I told her I'd convince her to buy one herself someday. Her response: NEVER!!!

    She kept that stance until she bought an iPhone. Then she started looking more closely at the Mac, saying stuff like "I really …

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