1. Little Victories and Little Celebration

    We passed a significant milestone today at work: we finally got all the hardware together and loaded the current software on it. And whadya know: the damn thing actually works!

    This should have made me feel good, but it really didn't. For one thing, I was tired: it was after …

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  2. Sprinting to the Finish

    I haven't written much in my blog about what I'm doing at work. This is because I've wanted to avoid writing anything that could get me into trouble with my managers, coworkers, or customers. However, I do want to write a little about what's going on at work, because that …

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  3. Milestones Reached

    We've reached our deadline, and spent our entire budget. So I'd like to congratulate everyone on the successful completion of the project.

    Unfortunately, we aren't finished. I estimate that we have another 4-6 weeks of work to do, which means we really probably have 8-12 weeks of work to do …

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  4. What to Do Differently This Time

    Now that I am going to be a "lead" again, I'm reviewing what I've done wrong in the past. My last stint as a manager was the worst professional experience of my life, and I don't want to repeat it.

    One good thing about my new project is that I'm …

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  5. Managing Again

    Why do they keep doing this to me? I was just minding my own business, writing buggy software more slowly than expected. But they've made me a manager again. I'm the "lead engineer" on a "highly visible" project. It's a "great opportunity", generating "a lot of excitement" in upper management …

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