1. Sorting Entries in a PList by Key

    My iOS applications use property list (plist) files to specify configuration parameters and other stuff. I was trying to do some comparison and merging of these plists, but was tripped up because the keys were in different order in different files.

    So I whipped up a little Python script to …

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  2. Python Server Start, Take 2

    A couple of months ago, I posted Python Server Start, a simple template for starting implementation of a network server in Python. I got a comment from "dt" suggesting that what I really wanted to use was the standard Python SocketServer module.

    Today, I had to write a "real server …

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  3. New is Good?

    Python is the coolest language ever.

    I've never written a real Python program. But after reading the language spec and a few tutorials, and writing a few simple programs, I am fascinated with it.

    Like many other programmers, I love to play with new things. Learning is fun. New challenges …

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