1. First Contact

    Today is the anniversary of the first communication between my wife and myself. How did we celebrate? By playing online games on our two Xbox 360 consoles; one in the family room, and one in the bedroom, shouting taunts at one another.

    Some may think it's a little sad that …

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  2. The Wedding and Honeymoon

    As indicated in previous posts, I got married on April 5. Although it was obviously one of the most important events in my life, I haven't written much about it, due to lack of free time. So, here's all the stuff I should have written during the past few weeks …

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  3. Buying an Engagement Ring

    I'm getting married. You may congratulate me.

    I asked The Question, and she said yes. I know you're supposed to buy an engagement ring first, and present it as part of the proposal, but I wasn't really prepared when the conversation happened. So, the following day, we went out to …

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