1. 41


    Another year has gone by. I didn't really set many goals for myself last year, so I'm not disappointed by any failures (although I am disappointed that I didn't set any goals). I lost 20 pounds and ran the Peachtree Road Race, but I've regained the 20 pounds.

    The biggest …

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  2. Two Years Later


    The two-year anniversary of my private pilot checkride went by recently. This has legal significance, as a pilot is not allowed to exercise the privileges of the certificate (license) unless one has had a checkride or a flight review in the past 24 months. So, as of the end of …

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  3. New Eyeglasses

    Picture of Kris with new eyeglasses
    New Eyeglasses
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    I've worn contact lenses since I was a teenager. I've never liked eyeglasses: they're too heavy, too fragile, too dusty, and just plain uncomfortable. In contrast, contacts are lightweight, they rarely get dirty, they provide peripheral vision, and you don't have to wear ugly …

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