1. The Undefined Value To-Do List

    I'm happy with how the new Undefined Value site compares with the old Blogger-based site. However, I still have some things to do. I'm a compulsive list-maker, so I'll put my list here.

    • Update Drupal
    • Add syntax coloring for code examples
    • Fix the <pre> style so that scrollbars are present …

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  2. Backups

    I've never been good at keeping backups. Back in the good old days, when all my data fit on one floppy disk, I made copies of those, but the first time I had to back up a 20-MB (yes, megabyte) hard drive onto a stack of floppies, I gave up …

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  3. Screwed E-Mail

    I have my own domain that I've been using for e-mail for the past few years. Most of my e-mail goes there, and then gets forwarded to a Yahoo! mail account, which in turn gets downloaded to my Macbook. This gives me a couple of nice features: I can read …

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