1. My HTC One Review

    I've been an iPhone user for the past five years, except for a few weeks in 2011 when I used an Android phone to see how good it was. At that time, my evaluation was that Android was a second-rate knock-off of iOS.

    But, with the releases of Android 4 …

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  2. Air Display vs. MaxiVista

    Most of the time, I work at the Windows 7 computer in my home office with a dual-monitor setup. A lot of non-geeks have never used a dual-monitor setup: you will just have to trust me when I tell you that, for a programmer or any other person who needs …

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  3. My iPad Review

    So, I've had an iPad for about a month and a half. Here are my impressions:

    Overall, it's really nice. It fills the need for a little Internet-connected device that lets me watch video, read books, read online news, and browse the web. I used to keep my old 13-inch …

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  4. Objectified: Great Documentary

    I just finished watching Objectified, and can wholeheartedly recommend it to audiences of all ages.

    Objectified is about industrial designers. Those are the people who design all the stuff we buy. Look around you: that desk you're sitting at was designed by somebody. The mouse and keyboard were designed by …

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  5. Switched from Firefox to Safari

    For the past week, I've been using Safari instead of Firefox, and I've decided to make the change permanent.

    Why? Firefox is just too slow. Remember the good old days when Firefox was the leaner, faster, less-bloated alternative to Netscape Navigator? Those days are in the past. Firefox now takes …

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