There is one hot-button issue that will always draw me into a rant: the assertion that anyone who draws a paycheck from the government is a "taker" rather than a "maker".

My wife is a science teacher in a public school. She worked her way through college and obtained a Masters degree and a Ph.D. She could have taken a position in university academia, but decided she could do more good in a classroom with students.

She works in one of the wealthiest districts of one of the wealthiest counties in the state. She teaches the children of dentists, lawyers, and accountants who spend their weekends on the golf course complaining about being crushed by taxes and arguing about which model of BMW to buy this year.

She always works over 60 hours per week. She works harder than anyone I've ever seen in private industry.

Her pay has been cut by about 25% over the past five years. A big chunk of what income she has left goes toward buying supplies that the school system and parents won't provide.

She's a taker. She's a leech sucking society's blood. She should stop teaching science to children and go do something useful, right?

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