Too Busy

I hate to neglect my blog, but I've been too busy the past couple of months. According to my timesheets, I've been working over 250 hours/month. This needs to change.

Being deluged with too much work has got me thinking about my desired amount of work. I know that for a lot of people, the desired amount of work is "none". But that's not me. I like to have things to do, some goals, and some deadlines. I like to feel that I'm doing something that others find useful. This is probably driven by some juvenile need for validation and acceptance, but whatever it is, I need it.

I hate having too much work as much as anyone does. Whenever I have to work 80 hours in a week, I start fantasizing about writing that perfect resignation letter, or about screaming at the boss. After the indulgence in fantasy wears out, I update my resume and look at job postings.

But even that is a fantasy. From experience, I know that the other jobs are just as bad as the one I have.

I do notice that the project managers and salespeople aren't working 80 hours a week. That gives me some ideas for desirable career paths.

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