Two Years Later


The two-year anniversary of my private pilot checkride went by recently. This has legal significance, as a pilot is not allowed to exercise the privileges of the certificate (license) unless one has had a checkride or a flight review in the past 24 months. So, as of the end of this month, I can't fly again until I've had a flight review.

A flight review really isn't a big deal. You are required to spend one hour on the ground and one hour in the air with a flight instructor, who will determine whether you are still a safe pilot. However, since I haven't flown since January, I'll need a couple of refresher lessons before my review.

I also need to renew my aviation medical certification, due to the blood-pressure medication I've recently been prescribed. So that's another hurdle to negotiate before I can fly again.

Right now, I have no plans to go back up in the air. I have better things to do with my time and money. I hope that I will get back into the left seat someday, but for now, I'm content to gaze up at the sky and say "It sure would be a nice day to fly."

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