Lumpkin 400 Storage Rocks!

I want to give a quick plug to Lumpkin 400 Storage in Dahlonega, Georgia. (My recommendation probably doesn't carry much weight, but maybe this will help their Google PageRank by some tiny amount.)

I showed up on Saturday afternoon, asking to rent a U-Haul. Todd Cannon, one of the owners, didn't have any trucks available, but asked me what I needed to move. I told him I had a broken riding lawnmower that I needed to take back to Home Depot.

Todd apolgized that he didn't have any trucks available (the end of the month is a busy time), but he'd have his trailer with him on Monday, so I should call him and he'd give me and a mower a ride. No charge. We got the mower moved this morning, and I forced him to take twenty bucks.

I would definitely recommend doing business with Lumpkin 400 Storage. Friendly people, awesome service.

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