1. Lumpkin 400 Storage Rocks!

    I want to give a quick plug to Lumpkin 400 Storage in Dahlonega, Georgia. (My recommendation probably doesn't carry much weight, but maybe this will help their Google PageRank by some tiny amount.)

    I showed up on Saturday afternoon, asking to rent a U-Haul. Todd Cannon, one of the owners …

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  2. This American Life

    This American Life has become my favorite podcast. Each week, they choose a theme and have three little stories about that theme. The "stories" are usually interviews or monologues. Occasionally they will do a single long story.

    The host's voice annoyed me at first. After a few shows, though, I …

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  3. New HBO Series

    HBO has a couple of new series that I predict will be cancelled at the end of their first season. Maybe if more people watch them, that won't happen, so I want to do my part to bring attention to them.

    John from Cincinnati is weird, but has the best …

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