New Eyeglasses

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New Eyeglasses
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I've worn contact lenses since I was a teenager. I've never liked eyeglasses: they're too heavy, too fragile, too dusty, and just plain uncomfortable. In contrast, contacts are lightweight, they rarely get dirty, they provide peripheral vision, and you don't have to wear ugly clip-on sunglasses over them. I've never understood why anyone would prefer glasses, other than because their eyes simply can't handle them.

But, a persuasive woman suggested she'd like to see me in glasses more often, so I decided to give glasses another try. My fifteen-year-old pair had very large lenses, which are great for visibility but they are heavy and unfashionable. I wore them only in those rare times when my eyes were irritated by allergies or other problems. I decided to try some new frames, and after some searching, settled on this Ray-Ban #6127 Bronze frame.

I figure I'll wear them for the rest of the week to see if I can get used to them. I expect to be back in my contacts next week, except for time spent with the persuasive woman.

UPDATE: I hate wearing them, but the persuasive woman likes them, so, well...

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