1. Achievement Unlocked: Colonoscopy

    When you turn 50, they make you get a colonoscopy. That doesn't seem fair.

    But it really isn't too bad. The worst part is the "prep", which is a euphemistic way of saying "Spend a day on a clear-liquid diet, take a bunch of laxatives, then spend a few hours …

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  2. Large Fonts

    A few days ago, I finally had to change my Windows machine's settings from "Normal" font size to "Large" font size. Normal-sized text was getting too hard to read.

    It's certainly not the first sign of aging I've noticed, but this is the first time I've had to make an …

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  3. New Eyeglasses

    Picture of Kris with new eyeglasses
    New Eyeglasses
    Originally uploaded by kristopherjohnson

    I've worn contact lenses since I was a teenager. I've never liked eyeglasses: they're too heavy, too fragile, too dusty, and just plain uncomfortable. In contrast, contacts are lightweight, they rarely get dirty, they provide peripheral vision, and you don't have to wear ugly …

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  4. Medication

    Last week, I had my first complete physical exam in twenty years. I figured that, because I'm 40, I ought to get one. I was wondering what problems they might find.

    EKG, heart sounds, lungs, reflexes, and everything were fine. However, my blood pressure was high. It was also high …

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