1. KJGridLayout

    Xcode's Interface Builder is a pretty good user-interface layout tool, especially for simple situations. However, it is not the best tool for every job. Sometimes you have to write code to dynamically create user interface elements or to move them around as the view is resized.

    When you do this …

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  2. What I've Learned about iOS Development

    I've been playing around with development for Mac OS X and iOS for a few years. I've had a pretty good grasp of how Cocoa and UIKit worked, and I've written some simple apps, but for the past month I've been working on my first Real iOS Application. I've had …

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  3. Easy Gradient Backgrounds for UITextViewCells

    When you create a table-view-based iPhone app, by default you get tables with plain white rows. But all the cool kids are making apps with 3D-ish gradient backgrounds. You want to make those kinds of apps too, right? This article explains how.


    Making table cells with custom backgrounds is …

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