1. What I've Learned about iOS Development

    I've been playing around with development for Mac OS X and iOS for a few years. I've had a pretty good grasp of how Cocoa and UIKit worked, and I've written some simple apps, but for the past month I've been working on my first Real iOS Application. I've had …

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  2. Find-My-iPhone Success Story

    My wife, stepson, and I carpooled today. I picked them up at school and we made the 45-minute drive back home. As we parked the car, my wife noticed that she didn't have her iPhone.

    She initially thought she had left it back in the teachers' lounge, so she called …

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  3. iPhone Video Output

    A common problem for iPhone developers is demonstrating the apps they've developed to others. Showing it on an actual device only works well if you are showing it to one or two people. Showing it in the iPhone Simulator running on a Mac takes a lot of setup, and may …

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  4. iPhone OS Filename Case Sensitivity

    I hit a little snag while adding a feature to an iPhone app today. I added this code to load a logo to be displayed in a view:

    UIImage *logoImage = [UIImage imageNamed:@"Icon.png"];

    This worked fine in the iPhone Simulator, so I thought I was done. I loaded the …

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