1. Performing Privileged Operations in an OS X Application

    I am currently developing an OS X application. The application needs to perform some operations that require root privileges (installing and uninstalling launchd daemons, sending signals to other users' processes, etc.) So I started looking for some documentation about how to do that. I figured it would take a few …

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  2. Setting Up a New Mac, My Way

    Over the past couple of weeks, I've set up a few Mac OS X machines to do development of iOS and Android apps. Doing this used to be an all-day chore, but things like app stores, iCloud, and Dropbox have streamlined the process a lot.

    (I could streamline the process …

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  3. Mac Software for Software Developers

    A fellow developer who is getting his first Mac asked me what software he should get. Here is a list of Mac software that I, as a software developer, find useful.

    First, let's look at what apps come in the box, at no extra charge:

    • Basic contacts, calendar, and email …

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  4. Building Emacs from Source for Mac OS X

    There are a few binary Emacs packages for OS X floating around out there, but I always build it myself from the sources. This usually results in an Emacs that works the way I expect, rather than the way some "helpful" distributor thinks it ought to work.

    I'll assume you …

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  5. Leopard Impressions

    Unlike the Windows world, where operating systems upgrades are sources of frustration and loathing, among Mac users upgrades are met with enthusiastic interest. I've been using Leopard (Mac OS X 10.5) for a few days now.

    The performance improvements promised by Apple are real. Everything feels snappier. Spotlight is …

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