1. What's Good on TCM This Week?

    I like old movies. In the old days, we had TV stations known as "UHF channels" that showed lots of old movies all night long. But UHF channels are gone, and today all we have is the Turner Classic Movies (TCM) channel and website.

    I like film noir, sci-fi, horror …

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  2. Why I Loved The Social Network

    I'm writing this the night before the Oscars, but that is not why I'm writing. I only saw three of the films nominated for Best Picture: The King's Speech, True Grit, and The Social Network. While I enjoyed The King's Speech and True Grit,, I haven't thought about them since …

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  3. Objectified: Great Documentary

    I just finished watching Objectified, and can wholeheartedly recommend it to audiences of all ages.

    Objectified is about industrial designers. Those are the people who design all the stuff we buy. Look around you: that desk you're sitting at was designed by somebody. The mouse and keyboard were designed by …

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  4. The Making of ...

    When I was a kid, I really liked the "Making of Star Wars" and similar documentaries that gave behind-the-scenes looks at the production of movies. These days, the "Making of ..." pieces are really just ads for the movies, usually being released before the movie itself.

    But we have DVD commentary …

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