1. My HTC One Review

    I've been an iPhone user for the past five years, except for a few weeks in 2011 when I used an Android phone to see how good it was. At that time, my evaluation was that Android was a second-rate knock-off of iOS.

    But, with the releases of Android 4 …

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  2. Android SDK Tools 22.0.1 Considered Harmful

    After finishing up some work on an iOS app today, it was time to go make equivalent changes to the Android port of that app. "I'll just update my Android SDK before I get to work," I said (to myself). I opened the Android SDK Manager and let it update …

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  3. My Android Development Cheatsheet

    If I had my druthers, I'd spend all my time developing mobile apps. I've always been fascinated with pocket-sized computers, and have owned many through the years. Unfortunately, for most of my life such devices have been little more than toys, and so I've had to focus my expertise on …

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  4. My Visit to Android-land

    I've been a happy iPhone and iPad user for a while, but I'm currently involved in developing Android applications, so I decided to buy an Android phone to use for a few weeks. It's important to understand the user-interface conventions and user expectations for whatever platform you are developing for …

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