1. Menubar Countdown 1.2 Released

    Menubar Countdown is a simple countdown timer that displays itself on the right side of the Mac OS X menu bar.

    Version 1.2 has these new features:

    • Supports Growl notifications. The Announcement text specified in the Start dialog will be displayed in the Growl notification window.
    • New application icon …

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  2. New Menubar Countdown Icon

    When I released Menubar Countdown 1.1, I whipped up an application icon by simply taking a screenshot of the menu bar and cropping it. The application icon looked like this:

    Old Menubar Countdown Icon

    Fugly, eh? Not only is it ugly, but the narrow shape makes it hard to recognize as an icon …

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  3. Menubar Countdown Suggestions

    Since releasing Menubar Countdown, my little Mac OS X timer app, I've received some nice feedback and suggestions for improvement. I'm going to list them here, both so that I can find them later, and to let others leave their own suggestions.

    • Repeat the alarm until the user acknowledges it …

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  4. Screwed by FileMerge

    While adding support for stored preferences to Rouser, I realized I needed to add another outlet to my controller class so that it could restore the setting of the on/off radio buttons. So I went into Interface Builder, added the outlet, and told it to regenerate the class files …

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  5. Rouser

    My "Rouser" alarm clock application for Mac OS X is coming along nicely. It is basically functional now, allowing me to turn the alarm on and off and set the alarm time. When it is on, it displays a countdown (e.g. "Alarm will ring in 2 hours, 13 minutes …

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