1. Code Reuse Is Not Lazy

    Stack Overflow is an amazing resource for computer programmers. I've asked a lot of questions there, and answered a lot of questions there, and I've found the answers to lots and lots of questions that someone else has already asked. Participating in Stack Overflow has been great.

    However, there have …

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  2. Playing Catch-Up

    Early in my career, I prided myself on my ability to absorb a lot of information and stay up-to-date on programming tools and techniques. I learned C++ before any of my colleagues did, and knew more about its intricacies than they did. I implemented ActiveX control containers before most people …

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  3. The Go Programming Language

    There's a new programming language out there: Go. There are lots of ways to describe it, but basically it's got Python-esque syntax and C++-esque performance. It's statically typed, but is designed to feel more like a dynamic language. It has garbage collection.

    Based on its pedigree, I expect this …

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  4. How Does One Become a Good Programmer?

    This is a quote I like:

    The really good programmers spend a lot of time programming. I haven't seen very good programmers who don't spend a lot of time programming. If I don't program for two or three days, I need to do it. And you get better at it …

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  5. Anti-pattern: The Overly Generic Interface

    While learning about Core Animation, I was disappointed to find that it is plagued by the anti-pattern that I call the Overly Generic Interface. The Overly Generic Interface is an interface that provides a very small set of functions, but each function takes parameters that allow one to do a …

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